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Torah Academy Registration

We are very excited that you are interested BZBI’s first cohort of Torah Academy!
Together as a community of learners, we will embark on the holy and exciting journey of learning to read Torah. You will be matched up with a tutor, who you will meet with - virtually - once a week leading up to your Torah reading date. We will also schedule group classes, which will foster a community of Torah readers while helping you brush up on some of the skills and prayers that are required to read Torah. Your learning will culminate with you reading Torah at a Shabbat service at BZBI.

Our preferred plan is that all tutoring sessions be offered via Zoom and any group classes be held in person with Zoom as an option. We will make any necessary adjustments to ensure the health and safety of all participants.
Please discuss your level of knowledge in Hebrew, past experience reading from the Torah scroll, ability to sing the trope, and anything else that might be relevant.  No experience is okay, too.
I understand that my participation in this program includes a commitment to read Torah in the Goldberg Sanctuary at least once during a Shabbat or holiday service.
The first step in your enrollment is an intake interview with the program coordinator, after which you will be responsible for contributing to the cost of the training. Tuition is heavily subsidized by BZBI and will be $250 for BZBI members. Financial assistance is readily available, as we do not want financial need to be a barrier to participation. If you are not a BZBI member but would like to participate, please bring this up in your conversation with the coordinator.
Wed, December 1 2021 27 Kislev 5782