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Kiddush Sponsorship

We hope that you have been able to participate in our delightfully successful weekly "Grab N' Gab" Kiddush. These happen outside the Spruce Street entrance immediately after Saturday morning services and will continue until we can safely return to the traditional BZBI Kiddush in Kahaner Auditorium.

The cost of the basic Grab and Gab kiddush with cookies or danish, chips or popcorn, and water is $100 for up to 100 people. For mitzvah or other celebrations, when more people are expected, or for a more extensive selection of food and beverages, the cost will increase and we will contact you to discuss available options.

If you wish to supply your own kosher individually-packaged food, please add this detail to the form and we will contact you.

If you would like us to select the next available date, please leave this field blank.
Please tell us the reason you are sponsoring Kiddush. For example: "for the birth of our baby." Our notice will put it all together to read: Jack and Jill Hill are sponsoring Kiddush in honor of the birth of our baby."

Fri, October 7 2022 12 Tishrei 5783